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Baby Shower Gifts: The How-To Guide on Not Breaking the Bank

There is nothing more magical than a baby coming into this world. If you’re like me, then your friends, cousins, and coworkers all seem to be pregnant these days. It’s super amazing, and means lots of snuggle time with these precious little bundles of joy. This also means tons and tons of baby showers. They’re cute, cheesy, and filled with lots of “ooo’s” and “aaa’s”. While I love celebrating parents-to-be at these fabulous events, I don’t love the price tag of typical baby gifts. It can seriously break the bank! So, after attending perhaps my millionth baby shower, I’ve compiled a list of baby shower gifts that are thoughtful, useful, and won’t make you cringe at checkout.

1. Baby Wraps: This is a favorite of mine. You can find some really well priced ones on Amazon (like our My Honey Wrap). These have been all the rage for a while now, but some brands are getting a bit outlandish with their prices for essentially a large piece of fabric. The My Honey Wrap is a CRAZY well priced wrap, it's really well reviewed, and arrives in 2 days on Amazon Prime. The friends I’ve gifted it to rave about the fabric and quality… and I smile to myself, knowing they think it was expensive, when NOPE, super well priced.

2. Baby Outfits: Who doesn’t love them? But also, how can a onesie with pants cost $30? Nope. The trick is to go to stores like Nordstrom Rack or H&M, and buy a handful of clearance onesies. Super darn cute, always well priced and - once you take off the clearance sticker – make it look like you spent more than you actually did!

3. Chocolate: I feel like I could leave it at that, but I’ll elaborate. Throw in a bar of chocolate with any other gift you’re bringing. Chocolate is inexpensive and adds a sweet little touch (see what I did there). Baby gets a present, and so does mama, which is honestly the way it should be.

4. Pacifier Clips: Pacifiers seem to get lost everywhere, from being flung out of carts at the grocery store to falling into your car’s nooks and crannies. Pacifier clips are a darling accessory, and come in handy. Best part? they are cheap, and are available in a million different prints and colors. Want alumni representation? Do it. Want a whole variety of pretty patterns for only $10/set? Done.

5. Flowers: What happened to the lost art of bringing flowers to special events? Every woman I know LOVES flowers. Places like Sprouts, Costco, even your local grocery store can have really good deals on a nice little bouquet. Pair this up with a gift for baby and voila - your gift is already more thoughtful than the rest. Pro tip: if you come up to the flower counter and ask nicely, the customer service will repack the flowers in a fancy wrap and a bow.

6. Teethers: Around four months old, little munchkins start to get itchy gums and desperately want to chew on anything they can get their hands on. I love gifting a few silicone teethers at baby showers. They’re cute, cheap, and definitely useful. Word to the wise: although Amazon carries a million of these, be sure the teether you buy has had proper testing done. Since this is going in a babe's mouth, it’s best to check with the company to see how their products comply with testing regulations. Our Buzzy Bee Teether is an adorable option! We are up to date with all testing regulations, and the teether itself has a great gender neutral design and is compatible with pacifier clip attachments. Win win. Buzz Buzz.

7. Bibs: All the bibs. Babies drool 1000 times more than you would expect. You can get a cute assortment of bibs in all types of patterns, for less than $15! Target carries varied packs of 5 for just $12.79.

8. Diaper Cake: These puppies are crazy expensive if purchased assembled. $75 - $100 for a bunch of rolled up diapers? No thanks. My suggestion is to make your own! Diapers and accessories will cost you maybe $30 - $35. Fun part is you get to customize as you wish! View step by step instructions all over the internet (a fave tutorial of mine is on youtube). Then take that gorgeous cake, and bust into the baby shower like a creative genius / gift splurge champion you are.

9. Books: All kiddos, no matter their age, enjoy a good little night time story. Parents also ooh and ahh over sweet books gifted at baby showers, especially classics like “Where the Wild Things Are.” Lots of great titles out there (fun list here) that are easy to find at the usual bookstores. I like to look for gently used books, get a few titles, write a sweet dedication note inside the covers, and wrap in a ribbon. Talk about a gift that is thoughtful, sweet, and most definitely will be used (maybe even for numerous kiddos)!

10. Baby Handprint & Footprint Picture Frame Kit: Every mama and papa wants to memorialize the adorableness and tininess of their sweet newborn (before they hit the terrible two’s, terrible teenage years, etc…). A fun and unique gift is a baby handprint and footprint picture frame kit. This is a set I’ve found with great reviews, which my friends have used and enjoyed. It’s a great way for the parents to create a permanent memory of those tiny little hands and feet. Also, sharply priced, so you’ll always remember how much money you saved.

I hope this list will give you the confidence to walk into that baby shower like the power-gifter you are! Gifts can be thoughtful, useful, and cherished, without breaking the bank.

Enjoy! xoxo.

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